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What Exactly Do I do?

As a self-titled, “Musician Injury Coach,” I often get asked, what does that mean?

My normal response is, “I help musicians live and perform without pain” - a simple phrase that can correlate to a number of different things.

But I often leave the conversation asking myself, “what exactly do I do?”

So I wanted to take the next 5 minutes and explain some of the behind-the-scenes of my role as a musician injury coach.

Short answer - I am a business owner, coach, educator, movement coach, and recovery coach!

Long answer… it’s a little more complicated!

Let’s break it down.

As a business owner, I wear many different hats. I am responsible for marketing, branding, sales, client delivery, behind the scenes, continued education, and many other moving parts of The Functional Musician.

As a musician injury coach, I meet with each client 12+ times during the course of 3 months and each lesson is different depending on the client’s situation, progress, and mindset. I am behind the scenes monitoring progress, customizing/modifying their program, and finding ways to improve their learning and transformation experience.

Other times I am a movement coach, guiding the client through different movements, constantly adjusting, seeking feedback, and giving feedback based on what I see and hear. After all, it’s not necessarily what you do, but HOW you move that matters.

To continue, I also play the role of a recovery coach, guiding clients through specific self-massage techniques that can be used to reprogram the brain’s perception of pain, improve blood flow, improve blood circulation, and boost recovery of a certain tissue.

Other times, I serve as an educator and teacher, asking questions to guide the client through various discoveries and learning opportunities depending on their learning style.

I also help clients develop a mindset that can support them through the ups and downs of a music education and career. This can be discovered by helping them identify what they are feeling and how their feelings are affecting their actions, thoughts, patterns, or life. I don’t serve as a therapist, but rather I strive to introduce emotional intelligence skills so someone can connect to the bigger picture of recovery and injury prevention and live more authentically. After all, going through an injury can be mentally and physically demanding, challenging, and extremely hard. When faced with negative emotions, thought cycles, and outcomes/circumstances, it can be easy to lose hope. But remember - there is ALWAYS hope, as the body and brain are capable of making change in any situation.

To get back on track, I also feel like a mad-scientist. Even though I’ve created a framework around performing without pain through education and experience, everybody is different! Mindset, situation, learning styles, experience, perception, and gray areas can all come into play. This is where knowledge, experience, and experimentation come into play!

Lastly, outside of working privately with musicians, I am constantly seeking opportunities to talk about prevention through mediums such as podcasting, Instagram content, guest presentations, and workshops.

You can quickly see how simply asking the question, “what do you do,” can become complicated once you break it down!

Hopefully this provides a little insight and clarity into, “what I do.”

Thank you for reading!

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