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1-1 Recovery Program 

A holistic, personalized recovery program designed to

help musicians overcome tension, pain, or injury.

Some Quick Data



The research field surrounding injuries is still young but clear: musicians, regardless of age or instrument, are at a high risk of developing performance-related pain.

Likewise, pain is complicated and finding a long-term solution proves difficult in today's world.


Many musicians who enroll in the 1-1 Recovery Program have first sought the help of different medical professionals, therapies, or other movement practices in the past including but not limited to surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory drugs, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Body Mapping, and yoga. 

But how could someone have tried any or all of these methods, and still not seen the results they wanted? 

Long-term recovery requires a holistic approach, one that takes the entire system (the body) and person (the mind) into account. If you seek help and only focus on symptoms or targeted areas of pain without taking into account of how the entire body moves, reacts, and responds, pain-relief becomes temporary.

Recovery also requires education on why pain happens, how injuries develop, and a personalized long term-strategy they can use to improve, manage, and ultimately, prevent their injuries from happening again. 

A holistic approach, combined with education and a high-level of accountability is why this 1-1 program has over a 95% success rate. 

This program was a life changing experience and I can’t recommend it enough. One of the kindest, most empathetic, super intelligent and knowledgeable people I have ever encountered in my life. Sign up for his recovery program, injury prevention course, go to his clinics, follow his career, don’t wait. Totally worth it.​

Anna Mattix, English Horn, Buffalo Philharmonic

Anna Mattix Photo_edited.jpg

Alexa Young, CA

What to Expect

What is Included?

Video lessons teaching you about important concepts so you can put the science behind the habits and movements you are implementing.


A welcome package that includes all of the equipment you need for your journey. You get to keep these tools upon graduation of the program.


You will have access to Voxer  and unlimited email support throughout the program, so if you have any questions or need feedback between your weekly sessions, you will have a resource to use!


After the program, you will have unlimited and lifetime access to your program, including an extensive growing database of modules and routines.

Client Experiences and Testimonials
Trombone Player
IMG_0107 2.jpg

Nick Schwartz - Bass Trombone

Austin curated such a helpful course that really helped me find a way to play without pain. He makes himself very available throughout the program and is always available to help. In addition, it’s great to have these exercises going forward to help me maintain my pain free playing.

Nick Schwartz, Principal Bass Trombone, New York Ballet 


Tristen Jarvis - Double Bass

Austin’s program has been the single greatest health & wellness investment I’ve ever made. I have immense deference and gratitude for the work we started, and I intend on building upon that work so that it soaks into all facets of my life, especially in my teaching (EVERYONE should know the things Austin has in this course). Life will never be the same, and I definitely now identify as a Functional Musician!

Tristen Jarvis, Double bass and Lecturer at Ithaca College


Neeha - Flutist

Austin is always making sure his clients are comfortable and happy. He was there for me every step of the way and was constantly giving feedback as I progressed through my injury recovery journey.


This program not only helped me overcome my physical pain, but has changed my perspective on pain and injury prevention. I will never question again if I should quit music.

Neeha, Flutist and Music Therapy Major

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