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Austin Pancner 

Musician Injury Coach
Bass Trombonist


Research suggests that anywhere from 62-93% of musicians will develop a performance-related injury during their life. 

This is a staggering statistic that highlights how music can be an extremely demanding field.  

Many musicians who experience pain usually first seek out medical care, therapies, or other forms of pain-management that offer temporary relief, but seldom address the root cause.

This puts musicians in an endless cycle of injury, jumping from professional to professional looking for relief, seeking answers, and relying on others to address their pain.

But what if we flipped the script? 

What if we were able to break the cycle and put musicians in a place where they not only overcome their injury, but were able to take control of their health?


What if we were able to educate musicians about their body, why their injury happened, and develop a toolbox of holistic health and wellness tools they can use to prevent, manage, and overcome their pain? 

This is why The Functional Musician was created! 

Although The Functional Musician is focused on recovery, there is information on this website for everybody. Click on a button below to start your journey!


"I have learned to make changes to my lifestyle that have helped me feel so much better from day to day. I have learned numerous methods to manage and reduce my pain and discomfort when it occasionally creeps in, as well as how to approach each day w/ a positive mindset, staying focused and managing my thoughts and emotions throughout the day.


Austin has been incredible to work with and I cannot recommend his 1-1 Recovery Program enough."

Ian Wolff, Trombonist

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