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Austin Pancner | Musician Injury Coach, Educator + Speaker, Bass Trombonist


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The Functional Musician Academy

There are currently two options to work with Austin. 

1-1 Recovery Program


A 12-week customized health and wellness program designed to help musicians take control of their health through education, implementation, and weekly coaching sessions. This is perfect for musicians who experience chronic pain or injury.

Online Injury Prevention Course

A live 8-week group coaching course designed to teach musicians how to take care of their physical and mental health. This is perfect for musicians who occasionally experience physical symptoms or want to take their injury prevention to the next level. 


Educator and Speaker

Outside of helping musicians live and perform without pain, Austin provides education services for students, teachers, and professionals. Through these events, Austin presents on a wide range of health and wellness topics from injury prevention, recovery, breathing, mobility and tools/concepts that musicians need to develop in order to ensure a long and sustainable career. Austin also works side-by-side with professionals, educators, and students in workshops and retreats that can be customized for the specific occasion.




-Professional Retreats

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