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"As a musician, I understand the importance of daily practice, improvement, and performance in our lives. Many musicians today struggle with health sustainability, or achieving consistent growth and performance over the long term. This is a typical outcome of unideal habits, which can include poor nutrition, lack of body awareness, lack of recovery habits, or the lack of proper training to counter the body stresses induced during our daily obligations and practice. Some warning signs to look out for include - mental fogginess, fatigue, numbness, tingling, pain, limited range of motion, emotional fatigue, or postural imbalances, such as the shoulders rounding forward. The most common spots of pain or tension include the neck, upper shoulders, and lower back. 

These symptoms, again induced by our daily habits, may appear insignificant at first, but over time, can develop into serious performance related injuries that can not only cause pain or time away from the instrument, but have career ending implications. 

As musicians, we need include functional training and sustainable nutrition habits into our lives in order to function well, move well, and more importantly, live healthy. If we are healthy, our body and mind are performing together efficiently, effectively, and at its peak. This is why I believe in approaching health and wellness from a holistic perspective . By combining functional strength training, daily mobility, and nutrition habits, we create the perfect compliment to our music lives; one that promotes sustainability, functionality, and a greater quality of life."

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The Functional Musician

Austin Pancner, CEO and Founder

Performing and Movement Coach

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