Here is what clients are saying…

I've always wanted to improve my physical health, but I worried that traditional workout programs were not targeted to my specific needs as a musician, or that they could even harm me if done wrong. 


I found that the functional musician was targeted to balance the hours of practice, and over the weeks most of the pain that was associated with playing my instrument improved significantly.


I would recommend the functional musician to anyone who deals with pain from playing an instrument. I'll definitely keep these exercises part of my routine from now on.


–Miriea, Pianist 

Austin is a fabulous teacher who is always willing to listen and help with whatever you need. If I were ever to feel the slightest discomfort The Functional Musician would be my First call. I would highly recommend The Functional Musician to everyone serious about their physical health and musical performance. 

–Jack, Trombone

The Functional Musician helped me increase my strength and improve my posture to bring more ease to my music playing and everyday activities. The program introduced me to functional, accessible, and versatile movements which helped me to establish and maintain my own fitness routine, and I felt the results almost instantly!


While I’ve never been acutely injured, I do regularly experience muscle fatigue and tension from the demands of solo practicing, ensemble playing, and performing. Within two weeks of starting the Functional Musician program, I noticed significant improvements in my posture, strength, and endurance! The Functional Musician empowered me to take responsibility for the health of my body through an equal focus on health and mobility, which directly and positively improved my musical abilities.

–Logan, Violist

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