Austin Pancner

   NASM - Certified Personal Trainer 

   NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist 

   Pn1 - Precision Nutrition (Level 1)

The Functional Musician is founded and operated by Bloomington, Indiana native, Austin Pancner.

Currently he is pursuing his Doctorate of Music, specializing in trombone, at Indiana University. In addition he regularly performs with regional orchestras and teaches at local middle and high schools. 

"Throughout my collegiate music career, I have developed many physical injuries that have plagued my progress, affected my mindset, and created moments where I considered, should I move on from pursuing music? 

After being encouraged by several doctors to look at other career paths, I decided to ignore their advice and search for an alternative method, which led me to functional fitness and nutrition. After a few years of self development, growth, and certifications, I started integrating NASM concepts, mobility, and Precision Nutrition habits into my life.

Through this process, and the right amount of time, I was able to begin my journey to moving and living pain-free. Through functional strength training and daily mobility, I began to correct my postural imbalances and strengthen my body back into alignment. Fast forward a year later, I am able to move without pain and am excited to finally practice and perform as much as I can. 

After I figured out how to overcome my physical injuries, I decided to dedicate my life to helping musicians achieve their health and wellness goals and break the cycle of destructive habits. Through scientifically supported training and nutrition, I can help you sustainably create energy, develop body awareness, correct postural imbalances,

and build a resilient body - one that is resistant to performance related injuries." 

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