1-1 Recovery Program

A 12-week online program built to help musicians build a foundation to overcome tension, pain, or injury. 



❏ Are you in pain while you play your instrument? 

❏ Are you in pain away from your instrument? 

❏ Are you having trouble falling asleep? 

❏ Do you feel like you are anxious, overwhelmed, or get into a sprial of overthinking? 

❏ Are you having trouble or scared to perform daily tasks in fear of making your pain worse? Such as doing the dishes, bending over, typing, writing, or opening a door? 

❏ Do you wake up feeling like you’ve aged 50 years? 

❏ Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or stuck with your level of health?

❏ Do you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster with your journey due to your health?

Do you feel your situation is holding you back from practicing, improving, and performing at your highest level?

Do you self-medicate to numb out the emotional and physical pain, whether that is with alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, etc?

Have you seen multiple medical professionals (such as Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Chiropractic care) or participated in movement modalities (such as Alexander Technique, yoga, or body mapping) and still aren't seeing the improvements you want?

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Living and Performing without pain IS Possible.

What many people don’t realize is, the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself - there is just interference getting in the way. 


If you’re able to identify and eliminate the interference, your body will be able to properly heal itself! 


Here are what previous clients have experienced after they were able to help their mind and body naturally heal: 


  1. A deep understanding of the what, why, and how of pain, with the ability to share important concepts with their students.

  2. Less clicking, popping, tension/pain, or other random physical symptoms. 

  3. Able to move past their trauma and live their life with purpose and motivation. 

  4. Able to focus, let the little things go, and able to deal with setbacks with a proactive versus reactive perspective. 

  5. Improved relationships with themselves and the people around them. 

  6. Having the confidence to pursue their creative goals and career aspirations. 

  7. Feeling a positive impact in every area of your life, from your body, mind, career, and personal life!

  8. Having a deeper relationship and love for yourself.


There are SO many methods to try… how do you even know what to start with? Likewise, many methods only address symptoms, not the root cause.
There is so much information… and so much misinformation– how do you know what is true and what will work for your situation?
Pain is complicated, but you still need to understand your situation. Many health professionals don't incorporate education into their practice.
Accountability and building health habits can be hard, especially if you don't have a safe place and a supportive environment to support your journey.
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Research suggests that anywhere from 62-93% of musicians will develop a performance-related injury during their life. In 2016 I developed an injury during my graduate studies that negatively impacted my studies, performance, and well-being for three years.

I tried many standard treatments and therapies ranging from Doctor visits, Physical Therapy, Alexander Technique, years of chiropractic care, yoga, Feldenkrais, and massage therapy. They were all helpful, but I kept falling back into old habits and couldn't progress in my recovery.


After three years of struggling and not finding a sustainable solution or answer, I burnt out. HARD. I was done with music. 10 years of education out the window. I was always interested in health and wellness so I decided to become a personal trainer as a side hustle until I completed my degree, making the decision that I would pack up my horn and leave music behind.


But something happened during my certification and personal training process. After applying the concepts to myself, I started seeing improvements. I was able to take a full breath again. It no longer hurt to sit down or carry a bag. My sleep quality started improving. I was on to something.


Fast forward 6 months later and I overcame my injury cycle! Granted, my trombone playing wasn't where I was hoping it would be, but it not longer hurt to play. The pain no longer lingered throughout the day. I was finally free. But the best part? My love for music came back. Hearing a symphony excites me! Hearing a trombone is like reliving my childhood of hearing my first live professional trombonist.


But I recognize that personal training isn't the answer -but for me, it was a step in the right direction. Pain is complicated and requires a thoughtful, integrative, and constantly growing perspective. This is why I am constantly researching, continuing my education to refine my approach, and studying with mentors in the field of health.. 


With that said, I've created this course for three reasons.


1. I spent close to $12,000 during my injury cycle and if a program like this would have existed, I could have saved myself a ton of money, time, and personal struggle.


2. I want this course to help any musician build a health and wellness foundation that helps them overcome their tension, pain, or injury. 


3. I want musicians to integrate habits into their life that support a pain-free lifestyle, whatever that may be! This is why education and accountability are so important. When someone leaves this program I want them to understand their situation, the concepts I teach, and become their best teacher so they no longer have to rely on an outside source to help them improve or manage their health.


Alli - Oboe

At the beginning of the program, I thought it could be a big waste of time and money. Now at the end of the program, I can say that it's the best money I've ever spent on my physical health and wellness. 

Hayley - Cello

I completed this program and it saved me from years of physical therapy and a lifetime of not being able to practice as much as I want.


Haley - Bassoon

Now that I'm injury free after having worked through the program, I feel empowered to tackle auditions, new business ventures, and more! 

The Functional Musician Methodology

Not only is recovery in your power, but also in your future preventative care. This methodology consists of three pillars:


Recovery habits are your daily health and wellness habits. Regardless of career path, these habits are essential to your wellbeing, daily life, and optimum day-to-day recovery. After all - sometimes pain is unavoidable, but if you have a toolbox of pain-management tools and an understanding of why or how your pain happened, you can take control of your situation.

Functional Movement

Playing an instrument is a physical demand, some even argue musicians are athletes (hint: they are!). There are certain skills you need to help your body support a high level of practice and performance. If you lack these skills - you increase your chance for developing tension, pain, or a performance-related injury.


This pillar also focuses on low impact, functional movements that happen in your everyday life! Regardless of age, gender, race, or body type - you WILL benefit from this program! Everyone is different, but at the end of the day we are all human, and we all have similar anatomical structures that need to move in a functional way.

This is one of the most important, but often most neglected areas. It doesn't matter how much injury prevention or rehabilitation you do, if you have thought patterns, cycles, or negative self-talk, you will ultimately fall short of the life and career you envision.


In this pillar, we focus on working through these debilitating thought patterns so we can feel equipped and empowered to develop beliefs that support our motivation, goals, and overall quality of life.



Weekly zoom coaching calls to help you stay on track. We will talk about important concepts, movements, or answer any questions you have along the way. 


Video lessons teaching you about important concepts so you can put the science behind the habits and movements you are implementing.


Guided video mobility routines walking you through how to perform an exercise, what to focus on, while progressing weekly based on your progress and 1:1 sessions.


A welcome package that includes all of the equipment you need for your journey. You get to keep these tools upon graduation of the program.


You will have access to Voxer  and unlimited email support throughout the program, so if you have any questions or need feedback between your weekly sessions, you will have a resource to use!


After the program, you will have unlimited and lifetime access to your program, including an extensive growing database of modules and routines.

Image by Alena Jarrett

Lisa, Trombone

Don't be afraid to reach out and take the plunge! Naturally, in the beginning I had a lot of doubt and worry. But Austin is GREAT at drawing parallels between health and practicing. For me, the hardest part was reaching out. It took me about 3 months and now I have a better sense of myself, my body, and the habits that support my playing and life. 


Neeha, Flute

Austin is always making sure his clients are comfortable and happy, he's always there for you and is just a text away during the program, and he's also constantly looking for feedback. This program has not only helped with my physical pain, but has changed my perspective on pain and injury prevention. I will never question again if I should quit music because of pain because now I have all the tools I need to get to the root of my pain I might develop in the future. 


Kevin, Cello

I am a functional musician! I have no doubts that I am going to accomplish all of the work I set out, especially with all of the techniques I've learned in this program. 

This program is for someone who has been intensely practiced and focused their entire life and hasn't check in with their body. It's for that person who might not be unlocking all of their potential. I am very happy with my progress and can't wait to finish it out!

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