Coach Austin

Musician, Entrepreneur, Injury Prevention Coach

Your Musician Health and Wellness Coach For The 21st Century

Helping classical musicians reach

peak performance by holistically

performing without pain 

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Want to perform without pain, reach your full potential, and extend the life of your career?

Most musicians have a clear plan of action for their career, but when they get injured,

it can be difficult to get back on track.

Performing without pain and keeping it away is like climbing a mountain. The idea is simple, but the climb can seem impossible if you go at it alone. 

You just need 3 things...

  1. An effective roadmap (a plan and system of action)

  2. Determination and drive (thats you!)

  3. A sherpa, someone to lead and guide you up the mountain (Thats me!)

It's time to end the frustration and doubt, and finally get you a long term solution you deserve. Click the button and we can help you get clarity on the plan of action and next steps to take.

Coach Austin

Musician, Entrepreneur, Injury Prevention Coach

Austin is an expert in the music health and wellness industry in helping musicians holistically perform without pain through scientific and evidence-based concepts.

• Pursuing Doctor of Music at Indiana University

• Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1

• Functional Movement Screen, Level 1

• Founder of The Functional Musician

• National Speaker and Presenter

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Hear From Our Clients

"I found that the functional musician was targeted to balance my hours of practice, and over the weeks, most of the pain that was associated with playing my instrument improved significantly."

–Miriea, Piano

"I would highly recommend The Functional Musician to everyone serious about their physical health and musical performance."

–Jack, Trombone

"During week 5, while doing some heavy yard work, my back tightened and almost spasmed. Thanks to Austin's programming, I was able to stop, listen to my body, and adjust to the situation using some mobility routines he taught me. I would have been bent over for a week If I didn't have these concepts and tools!"

-Graham, Bass Trombone

"Within two weeks of starting the Functional Musician Program, I noticed significant improvements in my posture, strength, and endurance! I felt the results almost instantly!"

–Logan, Viola

Ready to move forward with your life? 

You are a dedicated, passionate, and hard working musician, but something happened...

You were practicing long hours, living a full schedule, maintaining a full teaching or performance load, sitting for long periods of time, and next thing you know - tension and pain started to creep in.

If you are one of the lucky ones, it stopped there, but if you're one of the 8 in10 musicians that develops a performance-related injury during their life, things are getting worse.

Doubts, fears, and insecurities start to creep in...

If you're a professional...

 these thoughts might be going through your head...

  •  What if my injury develops into something worse?

  • What if I don't get tenure, lose my job, or have to retire? 

  • What if I lose my income from gigs or my performance job? 

  • What if I have to look at other career options? 

Or maybe it's been a few years of living like this and you're thinking...

  • I've seen so many doctors, specialists, and massage therapists, but I am STILL in the same situation and haven't found a real, lasting solution.

  • I'm tired of this injury controlling my life

  • I'm EXHAUSTED thinking about this 24/7

  • I am losing hope. 

Or maybe you're a student… 

these thoughts might be going through your head

  •  What if I have to take a year off to recover? 

  • What if being injured ruins my chances to get into graduate school? 

  • What if all of this time and student loan debt was for nothing? 

  • What if I have to change majors and drop music?  

But what now?

Rather than spending the next 1-3 years in a debilitating injury cycle, becoming more frustrated with the endless process, and dealing with conflicting information and temporary solutions...

Ask yourself, is the struggle worth it? 

If you want to save thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, 

and get back to peak performance...

Let's connect and see how we can help!

Holistic Transformation Program 

 Shaped by field-tested, scientifically-supported,

 and evidence-based concepts

Adapted and designed specifically for musicians

Designed to support and complement the musician lifestyle

Crafted individually for the specific client in mind

This proven system takes you from tension, pain, or injury to a fully functional, confident, and injury free performer within 90 days. 


Assessment, Analysis, and Program Design

Before starting the program, our team

walks you through a variety of thorough, holistic assessments. From there, we analyze the results and create a program completely customized for YOU. 

Bulletproof your body

Then we guide you through a journey to help you move freely, through your entire range of motion, without pain. 



Strengthen your body into alignment

We then teach you how to strengthen your body into an injury resistant alignment. One that will support your performance, daily life of being a musician, and keeping tension and pain away. 



As you continue to refine and adapt your technique, we teach you the tools needed to keep tension and pain away for the rest of your life. Our goal is to make you YOUR best teacher, so you get back into the real world and be in charge of your own destiny. 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

This system works...but it doesn't work for everyone. You must: 


1. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone

2. Be an action taker

3. Ready to make a change and get past your injury, for good!

If this sounds like you, then the Functional Musician Foundation Program might be a great fit. 

And if you want to see if you'd be a great fit, I want to offer you a free 15 minute clarity call. 

On the call we will dig into where you are at, what is going on, what you have tried (or haven't), what is working and what is not, and get clarity around what you would need to focus on to get over your obstacle, whether that is tension, pain, or injury.

You can start by booking a time for your clarity call below: 

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