For musicians wanting to overcome, tension, pain, or injury while building a foundation that will last a life time.

If you're a musician who has been...

Experiencing physical tension, pain, tingling, aches, or other symptoms preventing you from playing at your best.

Taking time away from your instrument, but the pain or injury has not gone away.

Diagnosed with one or more chronic or repetitive stress pain syndromes: such as tendinitis, trigger finger; thoracic outlet syndrome (rounded shoulders); carpal tunnel syndromes; tennis elbow, herniated discs; etc.

Starting to lose hope and believe that the pain will be present for the rest of your life. 

Or maybe you've seen different medical professionals or tried different treatments with no success.

If that's you, I understand. It took me 3 YEARS of struggle trying everything that was "supposed" to work. I kept thinking I needed to be fixed, but I wasn't broken, I just had a weak foundation.

But what if there was a way to overcome your injury and build a lasting foundation withouT…

Constantly googling and trying to figure this out on your own

Seeing endless medical professionals or treatments and still not seeing results. 

Taking time away from your instrument

Being frustrated on your progress, your situation, and what to do next. 

Would you finally commit to overcoming tension, pain, or injury without worrying about it coming back?

How you answer this question is critical.

Whether you just started experiencing pain, or whether you've been trying to find a solution for 10 years

It's time to make the decision to change your life.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

This Program Will Help You:

Overcome your tension, pain, or injury.

Confidently eliminate tension in your body, in and out of performance.

Overcome imposture syndrome and help support your growth through your musical career.

Extend the life of your performing career.

Feel confident and free during any performance.

Reach your full potential as a human and a musician.

Participate in activites that YOU love, without having to worry about how your body will react.

The Functional Musician 

Daily Habits

Functional Movement



Reflection +


In this program, you will focus on 

mastering these five areas. 


You can expect..

  • Live Group Sessions with Guest Experts who are creating an impact in the musician health and wellness community.

  • Welcome Package to be sent to you during the 1st week of the program, containing an assortment of equipment you will need during the program (it's a surprise!).

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls. 

  • 3 Month Program of customized 1:1 learning and support

  • Unlimited text support.

Note: If we don't have the resource available, we create it for you within 10 DAYS. Why? My job is to make sure you overcome your pain + injury, , and learn as much as you can so when you leave this program, you leave without a single question or doubt. 

There is no start. We are constantly enrolling musicians who are the right fit! Your 3 month window starts the day you join!

  • When does coaching start? 

You have access to me in 3 different ways

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions plus extra support, if needed. 

  • Unlimited text support (unless I'm sleeping!)

  • Coming soon: Group coaching calls, whether taught by me or a guest expert.

Rule of Thumb: If you need my support, I am there. Period. 

  • How often do I get access to Austin?

This program is for two types of people. The musician who is just starting to experience pain and is wanting to overcome it as fast as possible, or the musician who has experienced pain or injury for years and years, is tired of short term solutions, and tired of their injury interfering with their performance and life. 

  • How do I know if this is right for me?


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

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